3 Benefits of Accurate Attribution for Agencies

3 min readJun 5, 2023


Originally posted on Corvidae, 5th June 2023

Marketing attribution is key to understanding what’s working and what isn’t to drive results.

And as a marketing agency, ensuring your campaigns are performing as they need to for your clients while highlighting your successes is crucial to driving growth for your business and managing ongoing client relationships.

But getting a clear view of that can be difficult, as outdated attribution models, AdTech bias and changes to marketing measurement muddy the waters.

While making the switch to a new approach to attribution can seem daunting, the benefits it will bring to your business can’t be ignored.

In this blog, we’ll share 3 reasons why investing in accurate attribution needs to be non-negotiable for your agency:

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1. Drive growth for your clients

Understanding where the true value lies within your clients’ campaigns can be challenging — Facebook tells you one thing while your reports in Google Analytics are completely different.

Accurate attribution takes the guesswork out of reporting so you can better understand how the channels and campaigns you’re managing for your clients are really performing.

By creating a single source of truth across your reporting, you can easily highlight the campaigns that are underperforming and where to move spend for great results. Resulting in improved ROI for your clients.

And with happy clients, you can explore opportunities to expand your existing relationship and drive growth for your own business too.

All thanks to accurate attribution.

2. Accurate attribution gives you the recognition you deserve

The relationship between marketing agencies and attribution vendors can often be strained.

Discrepancies in reporting can lead to clients feeling as if agencies are simply marking their own homework when it comes to showcasing results.

And so, agencies feel like attribution vendors are set out to sully their hard work.

But the reality is, you both have one common goal: to ensure your clients see the value in your work and to help them achieve growth.

Accurate attribution allows you to shine a light on the impact your hard work has on the end goal — with completely unbiased reporting.

So, your clients can feel confident that they’re being shown the true results and you can get the recognition you deserve.

3. It allows you to expand your expertise

You’re already experts in your field.

But having access to accurate attribution adds another string to your bow.

Marketers know that attribution is broken — but they accept that there are no better options available to them.

That is, until you show them the light.

By adding a truly accurate attribution tool to your armoury, you can provide them with an extra service that is sure to drive value.

It separates your agency from the rest who are still relying on Last Click to measure marketing effectives and showcases yourself as a forward-thinking partner to new prospects.

Introducing Corvidae

Corvidae is our unique attribution tool.

We’ve been working on it for almost a decade now and we’re pretty confident in saying that we’ve cracked the solution for broken and inaccurate attribution.

Corvidae uses its patented AI technology to stitch together touchpoints across the entire customer journey — meaning no need for cookies. Providing our clients with user paths that are twice as long as Google Analytics and 95% accurate, compared to just 20% for tools that still rely on cookies for tracking.

We’ve made switching to a new attribution tool simple. All it takes is 3 simple steps to get up and running with Corvidae.

Find out more about our attribution solution for agencies and partners here. Or, download our guide below.

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